Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This takes the cake!

I read this article today and it makes me SO angry! Why don't people have common sense anymore? What was Safeway thinking? This poor family just moved to Honolulu... they are tired, they are hungry, they are weary, they are lost.... Mom is pregnant. That combination would make anybody forgetful. I have opened up a water, or a soda in the store.... drank it as I shopped, with the full intention of paying for it at the counter, and sometimes forget until the cashier finishes ringing me up and then I say "OH.. whoops, wait... did you get this?"

PLUS this pregnant mom is a military person! You know darn well she is not trying to steal a sandwich!! Come on!!

The store should have let this couple pay for it. But it took FOUR hours for the cops to show up? And they take the daughter AWAY? And they make the parents go to the police station in SEPARATE CARS???

Oh this whole thing burns me. It just gets my blood boiling. I am so angry....

I have choice words I would love to say... but being a christian woman... I can't say it.

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