Friday, August 7, 2009

Cranky Tales

Yeah, I am in a baaaaaaaad mood. Why? Because people just irk me. Why? Ugh. Don't get me started. No, wait, maybe I'll feel better after I rant.....
I shall change names to protect myself from getting my arse kicked by the guilty parties..... So here goes:
Lulu has been in charge of our company Christmas party for the past 3 years. They've sucked. It's a challenge to take on, because you do have 50 employees and 50 different sets of personalities. It's a given that you can't please everyone. I would not want to be in her shoes.
We have a new HR person I'll call Shelly. She's great. Awesome even. Well, being new, she wants input from all the depts so she puts together a "committee" with one person from each dept. to represent the wants of the employees in those areas. Fine. Great idea. I am chosen to be rep for my dept. No problem. Looking forward to it.
We have lots of religious people here who are Mormon. Hence, there has generally been only "alcohol free" types of events. Now, we have a bunch of new people who are drinkers. And they want booze at the party. Shouldn't be a problem right? Ha ha wrong.
We come up with 3 ideas for the theme of the party. One is having a Casino night. We have casino games and play for tickets and prizes. Not real gambling. No money spent. Mormons are against gambling and as I predicted, none of them go for that idea. Second idea is to have a hypnotist comedian to entertain. I've seen them. They are hilarious.
Third option is a Murder Mystery dinner. The Mormons are for this one. The drinkers prefer the Casino night.
You can't please everybody. That's a given.
That is not what has got my panties in a bunch though.
We were told as a committee to poll our people as to what ideas they want. I designed a nifty little interactive form that can be filled out and the results go into a spreadsheet. I meant to use it just for my people... but I showed it to Shelly and she loved it and asked me to share it with the others. Which I did. Which the "others" (namely LULU) did not appreciate. (I told the Others they could use it or not. It did not matter to me.) Lulu sent me a real snippy message about how Shelly appointed her to be HEAD of the committee and that I need to consult HER before I go off and do something like make up a form for the poll. (HUH???) Nobody else on the committee heard Shelly make Lulu the head. I know because I ASKED. Lulu is a control freak and she wants to be the sole person doing this. She is against the committee thing.
Lulu wanted to do a white elephant gift exchange which we have done the past 5 years and everybody HATES it. Maybe 4 people like it. The rest do NOT. She got mad that we shot her idea down. But it's Christmas and everybody is stressed and having to find a gift for $5 for somebody you may or may not know well is STRESSFUL.
Another person on the committee wanted to do the party at a bar. I knew that would NOT go over with the Mormons. No way. They would not show.
Last year's party bombed because Lulu picked a place that was very hard to find and there was no parking and people got real upset. Lulu screws up most everything at work. She is lazy, and a drug addict, and just not the most responsible crayon in the box. Nobody likes her.
So basically it made me cranky because I was trying to do a nice thing by sending out that form, and I ticked off Lulu and some others..... and had some of my people getting all irked that they were not invited to be on the committee.... and getting it thrown in my face over and over that we just can't please everyone. That's a given. So we get to listen to the whiners pitch hissy fits over what gets decided.
Geeeeez. I see why people don't like to be called to the Activities Committee at church. If it's anything like THIS then it's not worth the hassle. Grrrrrrr...........................
Plus, I haven't taken any pain medicine for several days and I know I am going through crankiness because of it. I hate being in pain. But I hate having to rely on Lortab daily to function.
I tried taking Aleve, but I just cannot take that. It gives me gushing nose bleeds EVERY SINGLE time!!! But Advil, Asprin and Tylenol are eating my stomach. I can tell.
Just shoot me and put me out of my misery. LOL

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