Monday, August 17, 2009

Nice pic

I stole this off Kathy's facebook. She and Deiter went to the British Isles a couple weeks ago and snapped this.
So, my weekend sucked. Had to spend close to $500 on bifocals. My check engine light came on. I still need brakes on the back of my car. I have to pay $1300 to David's orthodontist. I need eye surgery because I have narrow angle glaucoma. I also have polyps in my nose so I should have surgery to scrape those puppies out so I can breathe again..... I don't have a computer at home that works.
I get less money in my paycheck because I increased how much is taken out for the medical reimbursement.... which I already maxed half of THAT out just with the eyeglasses that I didn't know I was going to get... or I would have had MORE taken out...
I seriously have to figure out where to cut back on expenses. Something has to go. I don't know what... but SOMETHING.
I'm hungry. I forgot to bring lunch. I don't want to eat out so I guess I will eat vending stuff. (Which I already paid for, so it won't cost me anything). Hmm.. danish, candy bars, sunchips, nuts, goldfish, how nourishing.... Not.
I will figure out the lesser of the evils. Sunchips and dried fruit maybe.
I have a headache......

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