Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Lest you can't guess what "BMW" stands for.... it's b*tch, moan and whine.
I will feel better after I let this out.
So.... ok..... I sold some stock last year and got hit HARD by the tax man. To the tune of a couple THOUSAND. Yet, I don't even feel like I got to enjoy ANYTHING from that transaction!! And now what I had sitting in my savings account gets to go to Uncle Sam. Damn.
Oh, and Utah just passed a bill to DOUBLE the sales tax on food. This is going to impact the poor who can barely afford food anyhow. I'm thinking I better get used to living on beans and rice.
And then today I noticed my front tire is going flat. Oh how convenient!
And my rent is getting raised.....
and on and on and on............. I see money just swirling down a huge toilet bowl hole.... glug, glug, glug.
Had to fork out almost $100 for David to take the ACT test and enroll in concurrent enrollment. Plus his driver's ed. And his weekly driving assignments use up gas.... which is now $3.30 per GALLON.
I need to get a cyst removed from my wrist and another epidural in my neck..... (several hundred out of pocket there).
And my husband is far far far away................................................
I hate it when I feel all stressed out.


Caroline said...

Can George help at all? From what you said he is making good money being over in Hawaii.

Hotflash said...

Yes, he will. But we like to use "his" money for our trips. i'm not going to ask him to cover my tax problem. That's my own fault. Live and learn.