Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm the "older generation" now....

Seems like only yesterday that I was the young mom with the 4 kids, and my sister was the "slightly older" mom with her 7 kids.... and we were the ones in our "prime".

Now... our kids are having kids... and we have become the GRANDMAs and the OLDER generation.

So how come I don't feel that old?

Don't get me wrong....I definitely ain't no spring chicken. But I am not ready to settle down in a rocking chair on the porch either.

I remember when all of these kids came into the world. I watched em grow up.

It's scary to me that I am now the "grandma" generation. It's exciting too, but it's scary.

So many things can go wrong with our bodies. I regret not taking better care of myself when I was younger.

Boooy do I regret it.

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