Friday, January 20, 2012

Things that must go....

When I was a young girl and I was entering that wonderful world of puberty, my mom sat me down and had a very frank talk with me regarding the proper way to dispose of sanitary products. She said it was really disgusting when women would just dump their dirty napkins on the floor, or the back of the toilet, or in the garbage for all the world to see.

The PROPER thing, she told me, was to discreetly wrap it up in toilet tissue and dispose of it in the garbage. That way nobody sees the ick.

I think parents today do NOT teach their young ladies this simple thing. Because I have seen more used pads in airports and public restrooms than I care to see in my life.

Nobody wants to see that! So why can't they figure it out how to be clean? Anyhow... that is one thing that must go.

Another thing that must go is people switching lanes while driving without signaling. If there are no cars around... fine. Don't signal. But when you are going to cut RIGHT IN FRONT of me... please signal.

Another thing that must go. Waiters and Waitresses in mexican restaurants that speak spanish to my husband and english to me. Just because he is mexican doesn't mean he knows spanish. (He does, but it is not his first language) and just because I'm white doesn't mean I don't know spanish. I DO!! I hate it that they just automatically do that.

Presidential campaign mudslinging must go! I do NOT care about listening to that crap. A presidential campaign should NOT be reality tv. I want to hear your ideas on exactly HOW you plan to get the problems fixed. What problems you SEE need to be fixed, and your plan on how long it will take and the steps needed. I don't care one guy has money in the Cayman islands. I don't care if somebody else cheated on his wife. I don't care if you are Catholic, Mormon, Presbyterian, or Jehovah Witness.

And I do NOT want these presidential debates to be all about bad-mouthing your opponents. My gosh people!!! GROW UP! This is not for entertainment. It's for informing the public about the next potential leader of the country.

Anyhow. I'm done ranting. I feel infinitely better now.

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travelady said...


Things are a lot different nowadays....sometimes I laugh at myself because I have become like my Grandma, call me Florence.