Monday, September 28, 2009

Cool pic or what???

This was taken by my friend, Francisco. He's got a lot of really amazing photos. I seem to be the only person that really appreciates them. LOL
Or at least the only one that tells him how much I like them. He says some day we'll go to this cave, but it is in Paige Arizona and it's a 6 hour trip. LOL.
Still, it would be really awesome to see it in person.
Just talked to my friend Katrina who lost 4 members of her extended family in the Tsunami in Samoa on Tuesday. It's so sad. So hard. They just had no warning. The earthquake happened and nobody thought there would be a Tsunami, so they all just went about their business, and the warning siren went off but the Tsunami hit within a minute after the siren.
Her aunt and uncle and their 2 year old baby were drowned in the truck and the other child who is, I think 4, was washed out to sea.
Just so very, very sad.
I hope to travel someday to see the world before it is all devastated by natural disasters.

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