Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sooo stinkin' cute!

David has his choir concert last night. He couldn't sing because he has not recovered his voice from having the flu, but he looked really good in his tux and he mouthed the words. What a trooper.
Angela is out of town so Mark brought Melly Belly to the concert. I think when they sat down, Melanie thought I was her momma because she got all excited and smiley and started grabbing for me and then sort of did a double take with a look like "Ok... you are not who I thought you were, but hey, want to hold me anyway?"
It was so cute. She is such a smiley girl. After the show David paraded her around out in the foyer (he is such a proud big brother). We ran into Patty and Todd from the neighborhood and Patty points to Melanie and mouths at me "Who's baby is that?" I said "She's Marks." and Patty looked like she was going to fall over her jaw. I don't think she is so surprised really that he has a kid, but more that I was over with him, holding her, and talking to him..... shrug. What is the big deal? I'm thrilled. I like Angela a lot, and Melanie is like my....... niece????
It took a lot of work for Mark and I to keep our relationship civil so we can have this kind of family. We did it for the kids and we put our own feelings aside and to me it is a success. When we were at the hospital when Brian had his pneumonia.... we were his PARENTS and we were concerned for our son and we hugged each other in the hallway..... and it wasn't weird at all. We sat in the ER with Angela on one side of me and Mark on the other.... and Angela was giving me hugs.... and it was not weird.....
At Karin and Brett's wedding (the ring ceremony)... David escorted me and Angela out in the procession at the same time... and it was not weird.
Angela brought Melanie to my house so I could see her when she was 3 days old.... and it was such a sweet moment. Not weird at all.
I guess I'm lucky that I am very open, and that I can have this kind of relationship with my family. I have changed a lot inside over the past 6 years. I am able to love people unconditionally and I don't judge anybody anymore. There is no more black and white with me. I see the good in people and accept their faults and try to help people improve.
I think I found my calling in life.


travelady said...

I think it is awesome and I commend you for it!!! It shows that you are one in a values are important to you and it shows in you and your children!!! You are fantastic and real hero in my eyes!!!!

Hotflash said...

You are so sweet to say that. Thank you!!!