Wednesday, February 3, 2010

24 pounds down!

I've reached the inevitable plateau on my diet. Have only been losing less than a half pound per day the past few days... but FINALLY dipped down this morning and so my grand total so far is 24 pounds.

I have about a week of injections left. I'm going to try to make each one count!!

I am looking so forward to Phase 3. I can eat WHAT I WANT as far as meat and veggies and fruit! I have been craving huge plates full of vegetables! I actually want a nice tossed salad that has lettuce AND cucumber AND tomato AND chicken AND onion, etc....

I'm so excited for this phase and hope that I don't go overboard and eat too much. I am sure as long as I stay within the guidelines I will be fine. No cheating!!

I found some green tea that tastes really good. It's called Yogi Tea, Green tea Slim Life. It's formulated specifically to complement a weight loss program. And it TASTES GOOD! It actually has orange and blueberry in it and I can really taste the blueberry. YUM YUM.

I think I am getting strep throat though. Last night I got hit with a sore throat really bad all of a sudden. I woke up this morning and my throat still hurts, and now both ears hurt too. So I am taking some amoxicillin and drinking warm tea to soothe it. I am feeling better, but I still wish I was home resting.

Hopefully I don't get George sick. He plans to come down tomorrow if he finishes the job he is doing, and also come down Saturday and Sunday.

So my visiting teacher came over last night and I was telling her about George. She was so excited but then she made a comment that was so racist! She said, "Well, I am so glad you finally got involved with somebody that doesn't speak spanish."

I know the look on my face must have been total shock. I jumped up and grabbed the picture of me and George that is on my refrigerator and I said, "Here is a photo of me and MY MEXICAN BOYFRIEND."

She just went "oh." and then promptly jumped up to leave very quickly.

She is so racist. How on earth does she call herself a Christian when she is like that? Grrrr.

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