Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wowie! Maui!

George is a lucky guy.... he got to live in Maui for 4 months last year.
Can you imagine having THIS to see everyday?
I can see why they call in PARADISE.
I am still battling a sore throat. And my weight loss is slow. But at least it is still going down and not going up. I did cheat last night. I know, my bad! I baked cookies and I just ate one without even thinking about it.
David was so ticked off at me. The way he acted you would have thought I drank a bottle of booze or something.
I kept saying, "One cookies isn't gonna kill me."
And he said, "Yeah, but you'll have another, and another, and another...."
Nope. I won't.

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The Lamoreauxs said...

Yeah, Hawaii would be a fun place to live. I don't even care which island. Brett & I were thinking of making Hawaii our next big trip...we'll see if we can find a good enough deal. Send ya a postcard?? ha ha