Friday, February 5, 2010

Cool huh?

I have become fascinated by fractals. Fractals are images that are created by putting mathmatical equations into a computer. It is also termed "digital art". I think they are SOOOO COOOL! I even have a Fractal Calendar at work.
So, Sunday is the "big day." The day my kids meet George. It's a really big day for him because he will be blessing the sacrament for the first time at church, and he also is getting up to bear his testimony and by the sounds of what he plans to say.... he might take up the whole meeting. LOL.
We are starting to read the Book of Alma together. It's so much fun to have a partner to discuss things with. Especially since George has such keen insight into scripture and shows them to me in a way I never saw before and they make so much more sense! And it's cool that sometimes I am HIS teacher too. His most read book is the Old Testament, so the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants is new to him, and those are MY most read scriptures. We complement each other.
Tomorrow I am spending most of the afternoon with him. He coaches young men's basketball at noon and I'm going to watch the game. Not sure what we are doing after. Maybe we'll just go home.
Sunday I have a game to play that hopefully everyone will enjoy and it will help us all get to know each other better.
I think I am developing a tolerance to the Hcg. It's not working as well anymore. I feel my hunger coming back and my cravings for sugar is huge. Maybe a 40 day course is too much and I need to just do the 23.

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