Monday, October 1, 2012

Take a Left at Forgetfulness and Head straight to dementia.

Lately I have been making a lot of bad decisions. For instance, buying a 40 QUART restaurant sized pot to make soup for people at work when I needed one that made about 40 CUPS. This monster is so big it won't fit on my stove. And I could easily give Adelyn a bath in it. $100 down the drain because if you know me... I don't return stuff. Too much work.
I fouled up my Saturday and made the house stink to high heaven because I made one of Rachel Ray's autumn veggie stews. Oh it sounded heavenly. Carrots, celery, onions, chuck steak, bacon, apples, served atop whipped potatoes and parsnips. Well it called for 2 1/2 cups of "organic cloudy cider" and I mistook that for "organic cloudy cider vinegar" so I used two and half cups of VINEGAR.  This concoction baked for two hours in the oven... stinking the house to high heaven and burning a black ring around my casserole pot.  I tried to eat some. It was disgusting and I couldn't save it by adding sugar and water (I tried). So... about $60 in the garbage

 I have to wash dishes by hand since my washer is broken and my other dish washer is in Hawaii. My water barely gets warm. So I bought a little coffee  pot to heat water up. Well.. it takes over 30 MINUTES to come to a boil. And it's not enough water to make much difference. So I finally (after 8 years) turned up the water heater in the basement. Voila! I washed dishes last night in really HOT water! So... $20 down the drain for a coffee pot that I won't use. I'll take it to work. They use them in the coffee maker.
 Some steamable veggies on sale at Harmons. Sounded good. One said Honey roasted corn, and the other said "barbecued potatoes". So I made them for the gang yesterday. ICK! They were disgusting!!! Yucky. Blech. It's one time I did NOT tell everybody to eat their veggies! Or me either!
So what is up with my brain these days? It's kinda scary.
But nobody can tell the difference....

That's even scarier.....   LOL.

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The Lamoreauxs said...

If you want to throw away $100, give it to me and I will take your pot back :)