Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Taste of Thai for the first time.

So I lost my virginity today. For Thai food that is. Never had it before. Because it looks... well.... unappetizing.

But I went to a place downtown with coworkers and they convinced me to try the coconut soup.I was expecting something sweet.... not something with mushrooms in it....

But I liked it. I really did.

Then came the Gang Massaman with beef. And mine had purple potatoes. I liked it.  But again, I expected something more coconutty and sweet-ish. It was neither. But it was good and I ate every drop despite being full half way through!

So I'm a convert and now I get to explore some other flavors.  Next stop I want to try Pad Thai.

And next time I do the Massaman, I will go for "american spicy". Might graduate to spice level 1 eventually but gotta take it slow.

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