Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 My friend, my sistah, my bestie.... someone I have known and worked with for ten years.... is going to be leaving the company in 3 months.

Not by her choice.

She has seen it coming for a while now. But I refused to see the writing on the wall. But today she sat down with the powers that be and confronted them. And they told her.... her job is phased out and she will be let go in about 3 months.

This woman has been with the company for 25+ years.  Her husband also used to work here but he died 7 years ago. And now... she is over 60 years old and has to start over? Yeah, she has to start over.

I'm sick inside. Work won't be the same without my bestie. She keeps me sane.

Sometimes life throws a curve ball.

I never did like baseball.

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