Thursday, November 20, 2008


Holding Things In Can Give You Cancer.
So Please Excuse My Frequent Emotional
Man, when it rains it pours as far as work goes. I have days and days where I can just work on my own little projects, and nobody needs anything from me and then yesterday Richard needs a manual, John needs 15 drawings run off, Lisa possibly needs me to find an old revision of a manual that is buried in our disaster files, Kent needs 7 new Part numbers, Scott needs labels typed up and ECOs released, the copier is jamming (I seem to be the one with the magic touch to fix it), Paul is asking about things, and this all happens within FIVE MINUTES.
I kid you not. I felt like I was being pulled in 17 directions! And I am happy to help everybody, that is not the problem... the problem is when they all want me AT THE SAME TIME.
It's just the way it works here.
With the economy the way it is... I am happy to have a job. So no complaints on my end. Just PREVENTIVE THERAPY by blowing off steam.

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