Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fight Dr. Evil Unemployment!

Some idiot took $14,000 of government aid meant to go toward the unemployed and purchased thousands of superhero capes for a "Cape-Ability" challenge. Handing out the capes to the unemployed.

HOW wasteful and stupid is that??? What are they supposed to do? Use it as a blanket while they sleep in a box because they are homeless? Wear it to a job interview? Believe that it will give them magic power to get a job?

Yet ANOTHER stupid, idiotic waste of money. But cuts have to be made so they have cut mental health funding in EVERY state.

More people are now unemployed, uninsured, depressed and desperate and they can't get any help because the funds are cut for mental health. But, oh... let's give em all a superman cape and all will be well.


I am so fed up with the stupid, horrible choices being made by the people in charge I could SCREAM.

The utter WASTE by our government astounds me. They cut medicare benefits for the elderly. They cut funds for our schools. They cut funds for mental health. They cut funding for cancer research. They cut salary for our military. But oh.... they spend thousands on superman capes. They spend thousands on "studies" for cow burps. They spend millions to entertain each other with fancy dinners at $1000 a plate, and pay for private jets, 5-star hotels, and limos.

Let the congressmen and women stay in a Motel 6, drive a Ford Focus, and eat at McDonalds. Who are they to deserve luxury? If they represent ME they should live like ME. How else are they going to know the plight of the normal person/family?

One congressman recently got called on the carpet because he makes $170,000 a year and he was claiming he was "more in debt" than anybody else. Well, he has two houses. Boo hooo. And apparently he doesn't know how to budget his money. I could live very comfortably on $170,000 a year and be completely debt free. I don't want to to hear Waaa Waaaa from the rich.

Man it burns me. Just got to vent.

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