Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rant and Rave Wednesday

What is happening to this world? All I hear is negative news. Wars abound. Gas is going up. People getting laid off. Governments threatening to strike. Congressmen and women who no longer represent the people. They say what they can to get voted into office but after that... they have their own agenda. And the STUPID IDIOTIC decisions that are being made in legislature make absolutely no sense.

What is going on in this world???

Utah recently relaxed its liquor laws. People were happy because, let's face it, the laws are archaic. Whether half the state drinks or not, we really need to respect those who do. And relaxing the laws did not increase the amount of people who drink, or up the DUI statistics. But the government gave a little and now wants to take it all back by closing a bunch of stores (stores that actually MAKE HUGE PROFITS).

Ok.... now... I don't support liquor stores. But it is a business that makes a huge PROFIT. And a percentage of those profits go to our schools. (odd, I know, but hey,.... the schools need money).

So the people in the DABC want to close 9 stores (I didn't even know there were that many in the state)... and lay OFF a bunch of people (so they can go on government aid unemployment) and take money away from our schools which are already struggling on a string budget.

I just don't get it.

I know somebody who went to the liquor store on Saturday. There was only ONE employee working and the line was 45 people long. People were getting angry having to wait. It makes NO SENSE to me!!! NO BUSINESS sense!!! I'd rant and rave just as much if it was convenience stores, or grocery stores or any business that makes millions of dollars a year in profit and the powers that be think it's good business sense to CLOSE them?????

Then the government planning it's little strike.... the congressmen would continue to get their paycheck.... but our MILITARY would have to have theirs put on hold???? The people who make hundreds of thousands a year get theirs.... but the ones who struggle paycheck to paycheck... they don't?

If I was a military person and I heard that. I'd quit fighting. Seriously. I'd walk out. You're not going to pay me? I'm not going to fight for you.

Grrrrrr. Sorry. I have to rant.

I am trying to eat healthier. Guess what? It costs MORE to eat healthy than it does to eat crap. I could live on macaroni and cheese and ramen noodles for $10 a week. I'm paying $75 just for salad ingredients. Avocados are over $2.50 EACH now. That doesn't cover food for David, his milk, and cereal, and so on. $400 to $500 a month for food for two people is crazy.

I rarely go out anymore.

David has to ride the UTA bus every day to get home from school. That's $2.50 a day. He eats lunch at school and that's also $2.50 a day. So it's $25/week to let him go to "free public school".

Stocks are in the toilet. I can't even sell my stock now... it's worth less than what I paid.

And the exhorbitant amounts people charge for funerals!! Three lines in the paper for an obituary cost $300 in Florida. That is highway robbery. No wonder more people are choosing cremation! I think I am going to also. I don't want to fork out THOUSANDS of dollars to be planted in the ground! Just cremate me and plant me with my mom in Putney. Or sprinkle me over something.

The government spends hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money to study cow burps in the midwest. (I am serious. Read the article). So much money is wasted.

Lately in the news... all you hear about are people who have been ripping off their businesses, or getting government funding for things but the money is going in their pocket. Scams, identity thefts, robbery, murder, mental illness.

You think it can't get worse, but it does.

Sure could use a little good news.....

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