Friday, April 1, 2011

Nobody understands it

I found out today ON FACEBOOK that my former father in law died this morning.

Needless to say, I'm shocked.

And I'm sad. That man was like a father to me for 25 years.

I love him.

And nobody GETS it. I'm sad. And people are like "Well, he's your ex's father so why are you upset?"

One person even had the nerve to joke and say "Oh, well that's one less soc security check the government has to send out."

My heck people..... when I divorced Mark I didn't shut off all feeling and just decide to hate everybody!! I am still very much a KRAMER in many ways.

And Mark and all my kids are on a cruise right now and I don't even know if they KNOW about this!!!!!

Dad K. was my son's escort through the temple last August.

Dad K. let David and Michael spend the summer with them in FL.

Dad K. took Karin and Angie and Jessica on a road trip.

My kids LOVE their grandpa. And I am hurting for them!!!!

And I am hurting for my mother in law.

And I am just really upset that nobody GETS how upset I am!!!!!

But to find it out on FB... wow. That hurt.

I still don't even know HOW he died. Or why.

I want to hug my family. But they're all gone. I'm all alone.

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travelady said...

I sorry. You have a big heart. Wow, how horrible. I worked last week and never knew...sending you and all the K's hugs.