Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Choices Choices.....

I asked for people's opinions on hair color as I'm getting mine done Saturday. Most prefer the first one. Which, to me seems kinda boring and most like what I ALWAYS have.

I kind of want the white blonde highlight one..... but that may be "too young" for me.

Nobody really likes the middle one with the reddish shimmer. I love that one, but I have done those coppery colors and they don't look that great on me.

So... do I go with the majority who vote for "ho hum yawn" or do I be bold and try something NEW?

Everytime I venture out and try something "NEW" I end up not liking it. Or, I like it, but nobody else does.

I like my hair really dark. But most people I know have told me they prefer it lighter.


WittyKnitter said...

I think you should do something shocking and go platinum blond like Chrissy! That would be awesome! :)

Danielle said...

You could do like me and go blue with your highlights, or like I did last time: bright red under, black with silver highlights on top. lol