Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Govt waste revisited

The people of the US have their priorities really screwed up. We pay celebrities and sports figures outrageous amounts of money to entertain us. Government spends outrageous amounts to CREATE more problems. Since when did ANYTHING in government ever get FIXED?

The world is spinning down, down, down into the toilet. Because of greed. Because of wrong priorities.

So many "easy" ways to fix things, but they'll never happen. Because NOBODY will humble themselves to do it.

Odd thought, but what if for one year every celebrity, sports figure, politician, rich person on the planet lived on just a "normal" amount and all their money went to help the poor. What a difference it would make!

I know. I know. Silly weird rant today. I have money on the brain because I'm watching my bank account dwindle. Gas is up. Food is up. Medical bills pouring in. blech. Who cares? It's nuts.

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