Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Miss you Annette

Been thinking a lot about my sister-in-law Annette who died of Breast Cancer. It's been a long time. But time doesn't really make me miss her less. She was my best friend. My sister. My pal. My confidant. We laughed a lot and cried a lot.

I miss her.

And now my current bestie is laying in a hospital operating room getting her womanlies yanked out because they betrayed her and grew nasty cancer bugs.

And she's out of work.

And her life is kinda falling apart.

But she has ME.

So I hope she is doing ok. She should be coming out of surgery any minute.

We had a good cry last night. Cuz.... you know.... you just never know what could happen going under anesthesia. She is one of those people that has trouble waking up. She is "high risk" for going under anesthesia.

So we said our "if the worst happens and this is it" goodbyes.

She damn well better wake up.

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