Sunday, January 24, 2010

GREAT Sunday!

I decided to drive up to West Haven (about 50 minutes away) and surprise Jorge (George) by showing up at his church today. When I got there, I saw my coworker, Keith, who is Jorge's bishop and also my coworker and ALSO the person who set us up. He walked over to me with a huge grin and asked, "Does Jorge know you're here?" I said "No. It's a surprise." He laughed and said, "He's gonna have a heart attack."

I had sneakily asked Jorge what row he usually sat in, and I put myself in that row. Well, when he came in, he didn't really look at me, he went and sat two rows in front of me. Bishop Barnes caught his attention and started waving his arms wildly from across the chapel, and telling Jorge to turn around! This got everybody looking at us... Jorge turned around and saw me and he was so excited to see me he actually cried. It was so sweet!!! We sat together all through sacrament and it was a really special meeting. We caused a LOT of whispers. LOL. I left after sacrament and I guess everybody (including the young men) were going up to him and asking who I was. The young men thought I was "really cute" and some even said "Yeah, she's hot!" (wow.... that makes me feel great!!!)

So everyone was asking him, "George, is that your girlfriend?" And he told them YES. He asked me to go "steady" with him. It was so cute! LOL.

He is so amazing. His faith is so deep, and his knowledge of scripture is astounding. I have never met anyone so filled with the Holy Ghost. Especially for being a brand new convert to the church. He is just ---- WOW. I can't wait for my kids to meet him because I KNOW they are going to really like him. He has that affect on everybody. He is just very friendly and he says what he thinks, and he receives respect from everybody and it's soooo coool!!!

Great things are going to happen as we get to know each other more and spend more time together. He's such a good guy.

Anyhow..... this was a fun day. I had a great time. I am going to go up there to church again. And he will come down here sometime too.

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brought a smile to my are so cute!!