Thursday, March 8, 2012

And she comments on THIS one?

I have an area in my cube that is full of pictures of Karin, Brett, Bryttan, Michael, Brian, David, Adelyn.... and .... Moose. Well, there is ONE of Moose.

90% of the people who come over and comment on the pictures say things like "You have a beautiful family." or, "your granddaughter is so cute!" or "Look at the size difference between your son and his wife!"

But there is one lady.... who ALWAYS comments on this picture of Moose. And ONLY on this picture.

And I found out yesterday she has been thinking this whole time that the dog belongs to my friend Jan. And I said "Noooo, that is MY GRAND-DOGGIE!"

Geez, why can't people keep my family straight?


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