Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bad case of the crankies again....

I really hate it when I feel like this. Like I do. Today. Yesterday. Day before that. CRANKY. Everything goes wrong.... computer crashes 5 times. Phone dies. Kindle is acting weird. Stomach doesn't like anything I feed it. Work doesn't get done. I dream about weird things. (If I even sleep!). It's a full moon again and I have a case of the LUNA-TIC madness.

Absolutely every single thing, and every single person, and every single moment is just irritating.

Control my thoughts, you say. Think HAPPY stuff.

Yeah, I'm trying. Can't find my happy thought.

Count my blessings..... ooooh not in the mood to do that. Causes too much guilt. Makes me realize I have no reason to wallow.

Realize the sun will come out tomorrow. (Yeah, right. Probably snow tomorrow. That seems to be the cycle... tease of spring, hit with winter, tease of spring again, then ice...)

I thought my hubby would be home Saturday. Looks like that may not be the case and I think THAT is what is putting me in such a very BAD MOOD!

We didn't get raises at work. Haven't got a raise for a couple years. I need a raise. I need the money. Money is tight. Hate money worries.

So, I'm cranky. Grumpy. PMS without the MS. Negative energy reigns in the house of Hernandez.

whenever I feel like this I always think of that children's book "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day."

Loved that book. Always made me feel better. Because I realize.... some days are like that.... even in Australia.

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