Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Turbulent times

Well, I don't know how my dad is doing. I talked to him Sunday and he sounded better but still insisted his plumbing was backed up. I then got hit with an extremely painful sinus and ear infection (which I have had for a few weeks, but it reached the excruciating pain stage). I went to the doc yesterday and she gave me some strong antibiotics and said I have to take them a full 14 days instead of the usual 10.
I was home sick in bed yesterday and there was a huge upheaval in my company. The President of the company "retired" very unexpectedly and another guy named "Butch" stepped in.
Me thinks I smell a fish here.
I believe that the board of directors is MAKING the former president step down. The man has been here for 10 years. If he was actually retiring, we'd have a big company party to say farewell and give him a watch, or whatever, and there would be a few MONTHS notice.
But the board of directors came to town and had hush hush secret meetings, then the Pres came in on a Saturday and packed up his stuff and they just made the announcement yesterday with no warning whatsoever.
It's sad. But I guess that is life.
It makes sense to me. I've been here almost 5 years and I think the Pres. had dementia or early stage alzheimers (seriously, I am not being funny or sarcastic). Then when he entertained investers a few weeks ago by hiring a limo and sending the receptionist with these 4 men to STRIP BARS and got them drunk..... that was shocking!!!!
So, yeah, it's time for him to go.

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