Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Da Plane --- it left!

And we were not on it! Yet another tribute to my approaching senility and brain fog. David and I missed our flight to Vermont. Not by minutes... but by a whole freaking day! The itinerary said "Tues, June 16 at 12:50am" and in my mind I was thinking we had to be at the airport around 11pm -- on TUESDAY. But I was thinking TUESDAY NIGHT. We should have been there on MONDAY NIGHT.
What a mess. No flights available for us on standby, and if we tried to fly today it would be nearly $900 per person.
As it is...... when I go to rebook the flight they will charge me an ADDITIONAL $200 per ticket because we "no-showed".
I'm just sick. Man... I have had medical bills, car repairs, money draining out of my account like a faucet. And now this. And Michael is wanting my car when he gets his license. I did promise it to him and he has been paying me every month for like 2 years so I feel I should hold up my part of the deal. But that means I need to buy another car and I am not sure if I can afford the payments.
Maybe now is the time for me to live on some of my food storage.

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