Thursday, June 4, 2009


This show is cancelled.... and it was only around for one season, but I have that one season on DVD and I just love it! It reminds me SO much of my highschool days. (I was a geek who crossed over to a freak so I identify with the main character Lindsay).
Now that all the "season finales" of my fav shows have taken place, there is nothing on TV anymore so I am hoping I will get OUT of the habit of being a couch spud.
David and I leave for Vermont on the 16th. Looking forward to seeing my dad again. Looking forward to showing David around the little town where I grew up. He's in for a mega culture shock. LOL.
My town has NO stoplights. And only 2 main paved roads. My dad has no shower (just a tub), no garbage disposal in the sink, no dishwasher, no internet, no computer, no dvd player, no VCR player.... He does have cable but not extended cable. Just basic.
Hee hee hee David is just gonna not know what to do with himself for the week.

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