Monday, June 22, 2009


I spent like 4 hours building my house, and decorating it, and getting my people to like each other... and then a thunderstorm came in the real world, and my power surged and I LOST IT ALL!!
I should have saved.... waaaaaaaaa!!!
So then I started watching TrueBlood on HBO. Not a good thing for a Sunday viewing. (actually not good for ANY DAY) But I watched all the episodes they had ON DEMAND, and decided that I don't really like it that much and don't want to watch the second season. It reminded me of "Dexter".... only with Fangs.... I liked "Dexter" but it bothered me that I liked it because it is very dark and disturbing....... so I quit watching it.
It was definitely ingrained in my head because I dreamed bloody dreams all night. Ick.

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