Friday, February 10, 2012

MVP (More Veggies Please!)

Last night I made a chicken vegetable soup. Chopped up onions, green pepper, red pepper, jalapeno, serranos, yellow chili peppers, 7 cloves of garlic, carrots, brocolli, tomatoes and sauteed them in some white wine that I like to use when I make brocolli soup. Simi Sauvignon Blanc I think is what it was called. Just use about a cup of that.

And I bought some diced chicken. Threw that in there. Added water, chicken bouillon, Sazon con Azafron, cumin, granulated garlic, chili powder, couple shakes of Tapatio sauce, salt, pepper. Let it simmer for half an hour. Served it with some crescent rolls.

It was yummy! And not spicy. I didn't have cheese, but it would have been good with some grated cheese on top. Made a huge pot, so there was a lot leftover and I will eat some today for lunch. The only thing missing, and we will put it in when we make this again, is some cabbage. Shredded cabbage would have been really good.

I'm enjoying adding more veggies to my meals. Even David is eating them. That makes me very happy.

After dinner George and I took a nice walk around the neighborhood. My pedometer says I have walked 17 miles since Feb 1. Pretty good considering I have a desk job and sit on my butt all day.

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