Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My hubby is a sweetheart and he cleans the house for me. But... sometimes..... I don't know how his mind was working. Yesterday is an example.
I came home and he had taken pots and pans OUT of the cupboard and put them ON the stove. My canisters, that go against the EDGE of the counter... were set in a line down the MIDDLE of the island/counter.
A birthday cake decorative platter/stand had a bowl of vegetables on it.
My blender, which goes INSIDE a special spot to hide it, was OUTSIDE of the special spot.
Knives were in the wrong place.
The drawers were all "organized" but things were put in sideways......

I'm so picky about my kitchen. My MY domain. I'm the type that is like "HEY don't you even THINK about touching my stuff here."

I kinda, sorta, got mad.

I didn't yell at the dear man though. I actually could not find words. All I said was "Oh no no no no... No no NO NO NO NO! Uh uh. NO. Nope. NO. NO!!!"

And within 20 minutes I had put everything BACK.

In the RIGHT spots.

I love him dearly.... but what WAS he thinking?????

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