Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was a wonderful Mother's day. I am so blessed to have such wonderful children. They are all so smart and intelligent, and funny, and fun to be with, and kind, thoughtful, sensitive.... I could go on and on. They gave me the sweetest cards (Karin and Brian's made me cry. David and Michael's made me laugh).
I am a lucky mom. Truly.
Of all the blessings I have been given in life... my children are the most precious. They are the jewels in my crown.
My mom stopped by in spirit a few times yesterday so I could wish her a Happy Mother's day. I told her that now that she got my sister married off it's time to work on me.
She says she's working on it. Ha ha ha... Or at least I like to imagine she is.
Better get to work.

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