Friday, August 31, 2012

Love and Miss you my sweet sister

I couldn't sleep last night and ended up re-living the entire event of Annette's passing in my mind. I remember fifteen years ago going to church and learning that Princess Diana had been killed in a car accident. Then I went home and Dad Kramer called me on the phone to tell me Annette was gone. I remember Mark and I jumped in the car and went down there. I walked in the bedroom and Annette was on the bed, her mouth was still open and I remember thinking she would hate that she died with her mouth open. David was kneeling by her side, crying. Alice (her mom) was there. I know there were a couple other people in the room but I don't remember who they were.

I know I hugged the stuffin' out of Angie as I passed her in the hall. Jessica, however, did not like all the emotion and was basically in a state of shock and denial. I don't remember the twins even being there. I think they were at a neighbor's house.

Soon family started coming over and I remember sitting in the living room looking around hoping Annette would miraculously "appear" to me in spirit. But she didn't.

I flashed to when we dressed her at the mortuary. I can't remember who all was there. I remember Mom Kramer, Alice, Melanie (Annette's sister), and Angie. I remember Angie spraying Annette's perfume on her pulse points and thinking "she doesn't have pulse points sweetie.... "

I remember the funeral was packed and all I really remember about it was her mom spoke, and Mark spoke, and Dave and Dad Kramer played piano.
I remember going to the cemetary and that they would not lower her casket into the ground until everybody left. They said it was too hard on the family to see it lowered.

I know there had to be a luncheon after, but I don't remember that at all.

It's been fifteen years. FIFTEEN years. Yet I think of her often and miss her so much. I was cleaning out my closet last week and found the Woman's World magazine, newspaper article, and Cancer Annual Report book that she was featured in. I decided to make copies for Angie because I am positive she does not have them. So I will mail those out tomorrow.

Anyhow, fifteen years ago the world lost a princess (Diana), and heaven gained a princess (Annette). We were so close. Best friends. Besides my mom, I think Annette is the closest person to me that I have lost. It took me 18 months to come to terms with her death. I remember Susie telling me to "just get over it" and that she didn't like to talk to me anymore because I was such "a downer" and all I ever talked about was Annette.

That pretty much ended my relationship with Susie. LOL.

I have had a few special experiences with Annette since she passed.

I know I shall see her again. Someday.

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