Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Status on "A"

I can't remember the last time I actually talked to him on the phone but we have kept in touch via text messages. His life is yet again in a downward spiral. Because of the economy he has been cut to 25 hours per week at work. As a result, he missed a couple of car payments so the owner of the car reported it as "stolen" and so there is a warrant out for A's arrest (so he says) Not sure if that is true or not. He can't pay his rent and his roommate won't cut him a deal on paying less so according to "A" he is going to Puerto Rico on the 19th to take care of business with his mother's house(which is unoccupied and he owns it) and then he will go back to Florida for 3 weeks till his layoff is official and then he moves to Puerto Rico. How he is going to afford the plane fares is beyond me... if he can't pay his bills, how's he going to do that? Doesn't make sense to me. Which is why I tend to think he is blowing smoke and won't follow through with it.
I've heard it all before and it never happens. But he IS having trouble finding a job in FL because of the economy. FL is a huge tourist state and nobody is going on vacations, so jobs are being eliminated.
I know when he told me this he was hoping I would offer to let him come to Utah, or send him $$ but that is NOT going to happen and I hope it finally makes it clear to him that we are just friends now and I don't want anything more than that. I still love him and care about him, I always will. But I know that we would not STAY happily married.
I seriously doubt he is going to move back to PR. I think this is what he always says when he is getting desperate. It used to get a reaction out of me because I know if he moves back there he is going to end up worse off than he has ever been. So I would always tell him he can't go there and I'd help him out.... and so on and so on.
Not this time.

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