Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I hate dental work

When I was a kid, I had a horrible man for a dentist. His name was Dr. Nemeister. He would fill my cavities with NO PAIN KILLER. I did not even know that you could have novacaine for fillings until I was 18 years old and moved to Utah. I was traumatized by this man. I remember he was drilling and the pain was so bad I was crying and he called me a baby! I hope he is getting his just desserts in the great beyond.

As a result.... I am a dental phobe. I am terrified of dentists. I hate them. I hate even getting cleanings. I hate the whole deal.

Last month I had an abcess and infection in my tooth that spread to the bone. The pain was horrendous. I had a root canal and they just put a temporary filling in the tooth. So yesterday I had to go get a crown prep.

At least with the root canal I got happy gas and major pain blockers. With the crown prep they gave me a little bit of numbing and then they DRILLED and DRILLED and did horrible torture to me for TWO HOURS!!!! They had to "build up" the tooth because there was nothing to attach the crown to.

I was shaking, and grasping the chair arms and trying not to hurl. (I have a real sensitive gag reflex). Oh it was not fun. NOT fun at all.

The dentist I had though, was a real sweetheart. Very nice.

So now I have a temporary crown on until they get the permanent one. That is about 3 weeks.

I kept thinking, "Boy, I can't wait to get resurrected and have all perfect teeth."

Oh, and while he was doing this he told me that the crown right beside it looks bad and may need to be replaced. He wants me to come back. I've maxed out my dental insurance with just this root canal and crown. I don't think I can handle another one. Even with insurance it was $800 out of pocket.

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Just give me dentures.


travelady said...

gotta love the dentists from the 60 and 70's ....I have the same phobia!

Brendon Spaziani said...

Whoa, that hurts! Errr! So how's your teeth now? I am afraid of dentists too! And those drilling make me feel nervous. Nah, just don't want to see them. But there's no way out of them. And they are the only ones who are knowledgeable enough with our teeth. But I hope you have your teeth fixed as soon as possible. You can do it, bro! Good luck! :)