Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I stole this pic from Bryttan and Michael. They took it last weekend while camping. I think it's a COOL picture.

So, not much to blog about today. Work is deadly quiet. I've been using the time to work on my calling. I'm doing the print-outs of the monthly Visiting Teaching messages for all the ladies at church.

I complained (often) that the existing ones for the past few years are UGLY and plain. Well... if you complain enough you get called to do the job yourself. LOL.

It's harder than I expected! LOL

I'm back on a low carb diet. Those work best for me. I get a nice amount of lean meats, and lots of veggies and salad. Plus I can use olive oil. And it makes my cravings for sugar completely manageable.

I had fajitas today for lunch at La Hacienda. I ate all the meat, peppers, onions, mushroom, guacamole, lettuce. I did not touch the tortillas, rice, sour cream, beans.

I am completely satisfied and I didn't miss the stuff I didn't eat.

I've lost 3 pounds so far, so it's working.

George and I have a deal. I am going to lose weight and he is going to GAIN weight. I can't believe how awful and skinny he was when he came home over Memorial Day. Wow. He looked horrible.

I've had a really amazing Black Magic Chocolate cake sitting on my counter for 4 days. I haven't touched it. (well, I had one piece before I started the diet). But since I started the diet... I have not had any.

Now I just need to get the air conditioner at home fixed so I can do the exercise bike without keeling over from heat exhaustion. I've called the landlord twice. He is so slow to do anything. Grrrr.

Well, enough of this rambling. I better get back to "work".... or at least look busy. LOL

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