Saturday, November 21, 2009

Productive Day in Many Ways.

My Saturday started out just like any other day..... waking up at 6am. I guess my internal clock just will NOT allow me to sleep in anymore. I went to TSFKAA (the store formerly known as Albertsons) and shopped the empty aisles.... grabbing the items I needed to bake 5 pies today.
Came home and made two pumpkin pies, 2 apple pies, and 1 pecan pie.
Michael stopped by for a minute and declared the place smelled heavenly with all the pies baking. Wait till tomorrow when the turkey is roasting. I missed that last year because my oven was broken, and I had to cook the turkey at Karin and Brett's. (they were out of town).... and I think dinner last year sucked because it just doesn't work to cook one place and transport to another.
I am going to make mashed potatoes a little differently tomorrow. I am making them in the morning, and then keeping them in the crockpot all day.... see how that works. I'm also putting some cream cheese and sour cream in them..... which I never do, but found a good recipe.
I've been scaring myself silly the past 2 days. Last night Riss and I went to see "The Fourth Kind." It really kind of spooked me. But it was not thinking it was aliens that scared me.... the footage they showed of the so-called "actual" experience -- reminded me more of a demonic possession. And THAT scared me to DEATH.
Then today I watched the movie "Orphan" and man oh man.... that was TENSE. Not scary... just tense.
So to get that stuff out of my mind, I watched the Sound of Music while I was baking... and tonight as I clean, I will probably listen to "It's A Wonderful Life".
I feel like I am such a couch potato. But I am working while I am watching.... I baked 5 pies today, and did 5 loads of laundry... and cleaned my bedroom. Shopped, etc.... and now I am at work.... so I can use the computer.
Well, tomorrow is turkey day. Looking forward to it.

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