Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coulda been.......

So I find out that my son and his wife have been living in a fire trap. Had a feeling this was so, since they were blowing fuses all the time. (Note to self: blowing fuses is a sign of faulty wiring).

I remember when I lived in my house, we found out that the wires in the attic had major problems and that it was sincerely by the Grace of God that our house did not burn down.

And I am grateful it didn't.

I am also glad that Mike and Bryttan are getting OUT of that place.

I won't sleep well until I know they are in a safer location.

And they are away from the annoying neighborhood children.

(yeah, the dog face represents the annoying neighborhood children.)

I was going to pay homage to the angel Betty/Charles but let's just say... DON'T "google" the word "Mannequin" because you will be sorry you did.


And I couldn't find any angel pictures that didn't have wings (and we all know REAL angels DON'T have wings)..... so I will just leave it that I am sure they are blessed beyond measure and have someone watching over them.

Now.... lead them on to their next destination. Hopefully in a SAFE place and a KIND neighborhood.

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