Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring allergies

I love Spring. It marks the end of winter, it signals new birth. It means summer is around the corner.


It is also allergy season. And I don't get "normal" allergies. I don't get the runny nose, the sneezing, or the itchy watery eyes.

Nope. God prepared a special allergic reaction just for me....

My ears fill up with water.

So for the next two months, I feel like I am in a swimming pool. It SOUNDS like I am under water. It causes me to get dizzy even when sitting down. It makes my head feel "full".

And it tends to get worse each year.

I have found that Sudafed PE works very well at minimizing it. The problem is, because the stupid meth users buy up Sudafed, we now have to show our drivers license to get it and we are limited as to how much we can buy. Which is not enough for me to get through the next two months.

I wonder if my doctor could write me a prescription for it?

I've used other allergy meds. They make me SLEEEEPY even when they say "non-drowsy" formula. But Sudafed PE does not make me drowsy and it does not make me spacey or weird. I also use it when I have to fly on airplanes because my ears give me HORRIBLE pain whenever I fly. Sudafed eliminates that or at least makes it bearable.

So.... if you speak to me and I am constantly saying "What? What?" you'll know that its because I feel like I'm in a tunnel of water.

It should clear up about June.......

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