Friday, April 27, 2012

Who can Refuse???

Mike and Bryttan are gathering donations for Cambodian Orphans. I helped my sister when she served a medical visit to Haiti.  So you bet I will also do what I can for Mike and Bryttan!  So... I asked some people at work if they would be able to donate deoderant, baby wipes and hand sanitizer.

I SPECIFICALLY asked for those items as that is what M and B were gathering up. But what I got (in addition to those items) were a lot of other things such as shampoo, soap, mouthwash, first aid kit, lotions, etc.  Look at those pictures of little Cambodian orphans.... who can say no to that? (I sent those pics in an email..... yes I do know how to tug at the heartstrings).

So, I also found some GREAT deals online for my own donations. I'm excited to see them on Sunday and give them all the stuff.

Always, ALWAYS feels good to help out.

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