Monday, April 9, 2012

I've been bitten by "THE BUG"

What bug you ask?

The same bug that has hit my daughter, and my daughter in law, and my niece, and my coworkers, and some ward members....

The CRAFT bug! I thought I gave up making things YEARS ago. (Yep, I used to be a crafty lady...) I used to sew, and glue, and paint, and decorate, and make things. Curtains, pictures, wall hangings, clothes, barbie clothes, dolls, blankets, stuffed animals, towels, pillow cases, etc....

Then I got burned out.

Well, actually it got to where it was cheaper to buy ready made than to make it myself.

But George wants to re-do the bedroom and bathroom and paint it with color and re-arrange it.

(Yep, he's a man who likes to do that kind of thing!)

So, I've been looking at interior design ideas for paint. Seeing what I don't like, and what I do. He had wanted to do the ceiling the same color as the walls, but as the green photo shows (somewhere on here), that would not look so great.

I want to do one wall dark blue -- like a midnight blue, and then the other walls a lighter shade of blue, or a cream color. And the trim will be white-white. Like sugar white.

I LOVE the pillows my niece has (see photo with cute dumpling baby sitting in midst of pillows) and she has offered to sell them to me. So I want to work my colors around those.

We bought paint supplies this past weekend, and will buy tools, ladders, paint, etc... bit by bit. I want to get a new bed too. I want a platform bed. Or pedestal bed. Not sure how you call it. But it is a bed without bed springs. Supposed to be much better for your back and I have a bad back so I want a good bed.

Plus, I think they look cool.

So why is there a tostada sitting on the page too? Because I'm back to cooking tons of mexican food from scratch again. YUM YUM. We made bean and cheese tostadas yesterday. We are having extremely spicy flautas tonight. And spanish rice.

I'm really excited to re-do the room. We want to go hit yard sales, and thrift stores to see what treasures we can find to "make over". We have two tables in the bedroom that we are going to paint. Right now they are an UGLY black color, or dark brown... anyhow, we are going to paint them.

I'm actually excited to do something! I like this!

And we're going to plant flowers outside. I haven't done that since I moved there 9 years ago. I hate yard work. But George LOVES yardwork.

I lucked out. He likes to cook, clean, work, paint, fix things, landscape, do laundry, clean bathrooms, wash dishes.... and take out the garbage. So nice!!

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