Tuesday, April 10, 2012


What does "Gorp" mean? I hear people refer to trail mix as "gorp" and it sounds like the sound you make when you feel like throwing up.

Not that appetizing.

I do the vending at work and they love it when I make stuff instead of just buy ready packaged. Nuts and dried fruit are a BIG demand item.

Last night I made some "trail mix" or "snack mix" out of pecans, almonds, rolled oats, dried cranberries, raisins, sunflower seeds, and peanut M&Ms all glazed with a maple/cinnamon vanilla mixture. YUM YUM.

I also made a batch of "Spicy" Chex Mix that had the cereal, and Bugles, and pretzels, and cashews, with a spice of season salt, Worcestershire, butter, Tapatio sauce. Did not taste spicy to me at all. I think I should have doubled the sauce part. Or added some cayenne or hot chili pepper. Oh well, that is the fun in experimenting.

I was at Costco yesterday in the middle of the day which I think was the first time ever I have done that. I usually go on Saturdays when it's a mad house. But in the middle of the day there were still lots of people, but not crazy. However, it was really weird what almost EVERYBODY was buying --- cases of water and batteries!

I almost wanted to ask someone if they knew something I didn't... and was there a major disaster coming? I could not believe how many people were stocking up on WATER and BATTERIES!!

It was almost creepy feeling. I went to the water and the pallet was almost empty. I didn't get any because I was by myself and I can't lift that. But George has been feeling for a few weeks that we need to buy water... so it made me even MORE aware.

And so we are planning to get some, but he is heading out of town this weekend so we either have to wait, or I have to take David with me. George doesn't get home til almost 8pm so Costco is closed already.

Just weird.

Just..... really..... weird......


The Lamoreauxs said...

I always heard gorp stood for "Good Old Raisins and Peanuts". I like to make my trail mix with cashews, plain chex mix, raisins, and peanut butter M&Ms. So yummy.

Hotflash said...

oooh I like the peanut butter idea.